Waterdistillation from The Pyrenees
Medicinal Plants

Hydrolats: authentic, naturals and organic


Founded in 2023 in Bagnères de Bigorre in the heart of the Hautes-Pyrénées, PY'STILL offers and develops speciality plant-based products for cosmetics food supplements manufacturers. Currently on the market:


  • Hydrolats and Floral waters Organic [1:1]
  • Concentrated hydrolats [10:1] untill [30:1]


Based on hydrodistillation workshop and an agroforestry estate, PY'STILL distils aromatic and medicinal plants. In addition to the high technical nature of our workshop, we attach major importance to the origin and quality of plant materials coming from 3 types of sourcing:

  1.    Organic culture from our Hourquet's domain
  2.    Organic Aromatic and Medicinal Plants from France
  3.    Specialist gatherers who supply us with wild plants from the Pyrenees (for some products under development)
Bio, Ecocert


Hydrolats are produced using an age-old water distillation process.

There are many uses for phytotherapy. These pure plant extracts have the great advantage of being harmless.

As soon as aqueous products are involved in cosmetic formulation, the choice of a hydrolate must be made to reinforce the efficiency of the product !

Witch hazel plantation

Witch hazel hydrolats are our speciality products. Our resource is of excellent quality, from our agroforestry estate in the mountains near the processing plant.

This proximity enables production cycles where the required quantity of Hamamelis is collected at the beginning of the week before being hydrodistilled fresh to produce hydrolates and aqueous extracts at the processing plant in Bagnères de Bigorre. Therefore, the production cycle lasts one week, ending with packaging in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice.


Special requests

In addition to our proposals, we are open to any project involving innovation, research or development... Do not hesitate to get in touch with us!